Thinking for the Future

I aspire to work in a neurology residency program in the USA. Preferably somewhere on the east coast like in Massachusetts or in Virginia. Ever since I had cancer as a child, I’ve always wanted some sort of education in the USA, in order to give back somehow. I want to become a neurologist, a teacher, a researcher, someone who will inspire other people and lead them to God through what I do. Though there’s nothing wrong with being idealistic and having dreams, I realized very recently that it’s important to be grounded and have a perspective of realism.

I was talking to my dad this afternoon. He asked me what I had planned for the future, particularly how I saw myself financially after I graduated from medical school in 2020 and got into residency. I told him that I didn’t expect to earn much from residency, and that I would only start earning with significant profit once I finished and became a neurology consultant. This was regardless of whether I would end up in a residency here in the Philippines or in the States.

After I told him about what to expect in the future, my dad gave a follow-up question and asked me how much I expected my day-to-day cost of living would be. After I told him about my daily food, cellphone, rent and travel expenses, he asked me more questions. How much would internet be? Electricity? Clothing? Taxes? This made me stop to think, have I given my life a reality check?

Thankful for a dad who reminds me to think long-term.


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